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An Interactive Film

A short, but oh-so-sweet story of a user’s experience on the way to ultimate self-optimization. With an abundance of questionable products and contrasting worlds, this playful, dual-sided short satirically questions the notion of 'self-care' online, inviting viewers to transform the ad-her-tising strategy at the click of a button...​

Both retro and modern, this hyper-stylized, playful short, illuminates the cross-over of consumerism, social media and feminine beauty ideals. With vibrant colours and an abundance of questionable products, director Annie Harmeston satirically questions the notion of self-care online.

Written, Produced and Directed by Annie Harmeston

Viewable on desktop

Available on desktop

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(The interactive version is available on desktop)


Quick Fix an Interactive Film | LCF21 Exhibition | Victoria House, London 2021

Quick Fix an Interactive Film | Aesthetica Film Festival | York, 2021

The interactive film can only be viewed on Desktop


(Non-interactive version)


Writer, Producer, Director, Stylist & Editor Annie Harmeston 

Director of Photography - Emma Langguth 

Starring - Florence Gould 

Assistant Director - Oscar Ryan 

Camera Assist 1- Samuel Oxton and Oliver Munks

Camera Assist 2 – Joana Magalhaes  

Camera Trainee – Maya Barker 

Gaffer – Alejandro Restrepo Celis 

Sparks - Georgios Tsmamis, James Farrel,  Elena Armellini 

Assist Art Director – Jasmine De Silva 

Production Assists – Hannah Galbriath, Ellinna Horton, Alma Rosaz 

Hair/Wigs – Judit Florenciano 

Makeup – Courtney McMahon 

SFX makeup - Gabriela Heath 

Colourist – Karol Cybulski 

Sound Editor - Louis Fitton 

VFX artist – Carola Zumbo 

Coder – Graham Falconer 

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