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my friend hannah and i have been running through stuff. I've actually made her put on the top and do a full run through- to make the first story board with actual images.

I was failing at doing drawings, so decided this was the best way to do it at first. I'm going to do drawn ones obviously once i've shown the DOP these storyboarded images. And then we can go through together and decide what we have time to shoot and what we won't.

There are so many things to think about in terms of makeup being ruined, props being ruined etc. Also as i want quite a lot of different types of shots- EXT CUs, CUs, WS, MS, and Overheads, there will be quite a few camera changes, so i think it's best to shoot what we can without moving the camera more times than we need to.

Me losing the plot... i've been in this room on my own for what feels like years. I've actually slept in the yard on the sofa - which was terrifying, but so much to do and running out of time......

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