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Shot Lists

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

These are the shot lists for the 2 days of shooting.

Everything ran very smoothly however i wish i'd have thought more about issues that could have arisen prior to shooting. Unfortunately on the day of shooting we didnt have enough time to complete the OH shots for the Quick Fix Pure. So, we kept the rigging up for the next day so we could shoot these. We then went on to start the Quick Fix Extra oh shots. This worked as the makeup didnt have to have makeup done or hair as her hands and the trays were the only things in the shot. She then went and had makeup done within the time it took to move the camera for the next shots.

Wish i'd have planned 2 sets of shot lists based on if we ran over or not. My mind would have been a lot clearer on the 2nd day of shooting as it would've meant i actually got sleep and wasn't having to re-do the shot lists at midnight the night before.

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