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spray painting fml

I was enjoying the spray painting at first. But being so indecisive i've painted things over and over and ruined so many props in the process....whoops.

I just really want to make sure the colours are all right and tie in perfectly! Also underestimated how quickly spray paints finish, so i've been back to the shop in Bethnal green about 5 times at this point...

More and more bags of shit accumulating every day...

Lots of test spray painting has been done at home- before taking stuff to my brothers yard. Just to make sure i'm happy with everything and not overload the place with stuff.... which it already is.

I'm not sure on the colours, i think i'm going to get a pink spray and try that out!

Think i found the perfect boxes... they need a little bit of TLC - but think can make these work. I wanted to include different size boxes in the frame, to play with perspective and to perhaps get a shot of the boxes looking as big as the girl in the film.

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