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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Thought where else to find girls to be involved in my focus group? Posted on Instagram and had 10 responses. So need to confirm names and begin planning my focus group presentation.

Focus Group

Research Question: When wellness and beauty collide: are narratives of self-care on Instagram empowering or are they encouraging women to self-optimize?

Research of Focus Groups

During the session participants will be asked to respond to various prompts, like sharing their opinions on a certain product, or their emotional reactions to an advertisement.

Limitations of a Focus Group

The simple act of observing something can change it. This principle is called observer interference. The answers the participants give are likely to be affected by the presence of researchers, social pressure from the rest of the group or simply knowing they’re taking part in a focus group. Because researchers often use a small sample size in a specific setting, It’s hard to generalize their results.

Pros of Focus Group:

- when it comes to the big important questions, there’s no substitute for people genuinely interacting with each-other.

- Online focus groups allow you to gather more data in less time

- Especially with chat-based groups, where participants can respond simultaneously.

- Receiving multiple responses at once can be overwhelming.

- 90 mins max

- Text based focus group

- Probes and Responses

- NOT a q&a

- some people don’t do well in engagement if they don’t have eye contact and body language signals.

Conducting a focus group-

- Clear and well-rounded questions

- Discussion guide is not a script

- Having a second moderator/partner

- Zoom meeting or not seen meeting.

- Decipher comments better on Zoom

- Typing answers, being able to go back and do analysis



- Ellinna Horton- Age 22 – EVENING WEEKDAYS

- Victoria Frank 23-

- Rachel Barry 24-

- Eloise Brown 22- - ANY TIME

- Jasmine Langcaster-James – 24: AFTERNOONS/EVENINGS.

- Charlotte Hartley – Age: 23, Email: ANY TIME OTHER THAN THURSDAYS 9-5

- Rach L – Age 24- AFTER 6 WEEKDAYS

- Tania Kalaida- Age 21

  • Violet Gould- Age 2

Email sent- ready for Tuesday.

Padlet Responses

Focus Group Presentation

Focus Group on ZOOM

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