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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

When looking through #selfcare on Instagram there are so many different types of posts. Many of the posts are 'inspirational' quotes, often posted by influencers, telling users what they can do to practice self-care. Here i'm looking at posts with wording in them, as opposed to photographs, as i wanted to get an insight into the types of things people are saying are 'self-care' practies.

Some of these include

- sleeping

- taking time to make yourself food and eat

- "self care is taking your power back"

-Self-care is the new going out

- use psychedelics (????)

- hygeine (not just for your teeth)

- make your bed

-drink water

- light a candle

- breath consciously

What i noticed about posts which only include words, is that most of them are nothing to do with buying products. Whereas many of the posts which were actual photographs, were linked to 'things' - facemasks, eye patches, moisturisers, herbal teas, journals etc.

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