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Instagram #selfcare

The hashtag #selfcare brings up 39.2million posts, clearly showing the popularity and over-use of the term. The majority of the posts are posted by women it seems, glossy haired-women in gym wear, among inspirational quotes and skincare tip videos. It's noticeable that while most posts are related to self-care there are also lots of posts which aren't. People are obviously using #selfcare as a way to popularise their posts. This proves the popularisation of the term and that it's become a major buzzword on Instagram.

It's noticeable that it's mostly women who are advocates of self-care. It's worth wondering why this is? I would suggest it's because women are more pressured than men to be and look a certain way. Women must always be improving and be 'fixed'. The film idea of Quick Fix will highlight this idea.

It's noticeable also that many of the posts seen within the hashtag are related to beauty. I would like to address this topic further within the focus groups i am going to conduct, looking into whether or not women view this as being as part of their 'self-care' practices, or whether they find this overlapping of self-care and beauty to be undermining.

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