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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

These are the briefs for how the video player will look, for the coder. The designs were done in Photoshop and sent over as individual elements, for the coder to implement into the CSS html

This is how the videoplayer looked without the styling coding having been done. Obviously not ideal- and hadn't actually thought about there even being a need to do 'styling code' i didnt actually know what that was... So this was another back and fourth job of making sure the brief to the coder was clear in terms of design. And sending separate elements designed in photoshop, for him to use. This hasn't been completed yet, so still waiting for this back- i decided that if it doesnt look good, we will opt for an already made template of the videoplayer buttons. i.e the bottom bar/play/pause buttons.

I've had to really acquaint myself with code... even if it is still extremely foreign to me. Dimitrios the tech guy told me aaages ago to learn a few of the code terms and even just learning a few different aspects has helped me to be able to understand any errors that are happening and to communicate properly with the coder.

Initially the coder had created the videoplayer so each film was directly laid on top of one another. We soon realised that this wasn't infact how Honda did it (the reference for this) .

I managed to track down the details of the coder who created the videoplayer for Honda 'the other side' and passed onto the coder so he could hopefully get his help.

We got one reply which was really helpful, where he told us that the videoplayer works by creating an ultrawide edit of both films next to eachother rather on top of one another and the code allows for the videos to move when the user presses the space bar.

This was reaaaallly important information, as the way the coder had initially done it, wasn't seamless and lagged a lot!

Sound - fading with code. With the video player i felt as though the flipping between films in terms of the sound, was a little harsh. So with the help of the sound editor Lou, the coder found a way to code the sound elements, to make the flipping less harsh and to include a really slight fade in the sound change.

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