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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Started panicking a little wondering how I'd pay for the Interactive side of my film. And initially decided to scrap it. But after talking to Kathryn Ferguson, I've come up with a new idea I think I like a lot more.

Rather than the interactivity letting the user click and decide the girl's destination. I am going to create 2 films. Both films visually will be composed in exactly the same way, however in two different worlds. With 2 different aesthetics. (So basically I'm going back to my initial idea...but within the worlds the girl will be doing exactly the same things)

Similar to the 'Honda Other Side' there would be 2 similar films on top of one another, and the viewer would be able to easily switch from one to the other... (would be great if it was as simple as holding down the 'r' key, but I'm not sure how doable this is...)

For the Honda film there were also two sides to the technical development, with desktop users being directed to Honda’s YouTube channel while tablet users enjoy the experience on a self-contained HTML5 site. It appears that there is just one film in the Honda film, however really behind the scenes there are 2 separate video players kept in sync the entire time showing each side of the day/night film. The HTML5 website keeps both films in a single double-width video and uses the Web Audio API to switch between the left and right channels of a single audio file

A two-sided film, 2 films filmed (almost perfectly) in-sync.

The user presses the R button to switch between worlds. I'd to do something similar with my film. Going back to my initial idea of having 2 worlds. The user would be able to switch between these two worlds as they watch.

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