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Podcast Notes- I Said What I Said - “Is Gwyneth Paltrow trying To Kill You?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Wellness and medicine

Wellness and money

Wellness and spirituality

Goop series trying to bring a scientific brain experimental brain in a measured way to woo woo topics or subjects. Trying to shine a light on taboo private topics. Accessible bringing to light

Goop lab suggests science

Inuitive- not science

Scientific evidence they use annecdotes

Person or doctor - personal anecdote

Stay in the lane of wellness / spirituality

No need to lean on science - suppose to entertain not the same thing medicine and health are not for entertainment

Nothing empowering about comodifying movements that are meant to free us, not saying it’s a problem but just post and go.

Feminism and business

Civil rights and business

No ethics in business

Sometimes you want direction, you want to be told what to do and stop trying to steer the boat aimlessly in the night, which is sometimes what life can feel like. All of us have frameworks, logically or not give us comfort- i.e could be for some people religion, or for some being told what your lover will look, sound and feel like or for some people it might be science/atheism. Whether these are true, reasonable etc it doesn't matter, its about how you feel.

if it makes us feel good does the fact it is a lie matter? If Gwyneths methods shown on goop about jumping into cold water are proven to be total lies...BUT they made people feel good, does it matter?

distinctions- there are things science hasn't caught up with. The psychic person you went to tells you everything was a lie, they found out stuff about you, bought some data from facebook's algorithms etc...does it matter if it was a lie if you felt good about it. People might be disappointed but as **one of the girls says in the podcast** she is 'essentially in a system of love, where she is held and everything can work out for her benefit. and so even if meeting a scammer on the way means just being pointed in the right direction.. it doesn't mean that everything that came through it needs to be taken back to square one. It's not about them it's about me."

You don't get given a price for science and practicalities, if it makes you feel good it makes you feel good.

Distraction is important living in a capitalist society. They talk about how they are grateful that there is less free time than there is spare time because the world is so hard to understand, so complex and so overwhelmingly hurtful, that they don't know how to understand it and it is really sad.

capitalism is the BASE

if the person who thinks they'll be able to co-create and rid of all their trauma in a £2000 workshop, if they didn't do their research, they're the clowns.

theres a calmness and stillness in all of us that we can all access and it's important for us to get out of our own ways, to get away from our 'dumb-bitcherys' and also ways we can be proactive. it is really helpful when people ask questions to guide you to ask question about yourself. i don't have the answers but i'm asking critical questions that will hopefully help you. These people are telling you you can connect with the god inside you... honesty is important. be more realistic, it's a life long journey. most of the wellness claims are dishonest, not realistic. not real.

continual progress, you cant eat well one day and expect that to continue without the work..

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