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Updated: May 23, 2020

  • Who do you want to work for once you have left LCF? (is it a brand, creative agency, production company?)

A creative agency such as CULT, Isobel, Don’t panic or a publication like Dazed or It’s Nice That/Creative Review

  • What is their output, what types of media products do they make? 


  • What projects have they made that you admire, and wish you had been a part of the making process?

  • In that making process, what job role do you have? (art director, director, producer, creative director, copywriter, cinematographer)

Photographer/Art Direction 

  • How can you make a fashion media product that would improve your portfolio to appeal to this/ these companies, and give you the experience you need in the job role you desire and answer your research questions?

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