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Testing prop stuff

After ordering about 10 billion things from Ebay over the last few months ( as no shops open) i've ended up with so much stuff. So i've organised everything and decided exactly what will be used and where.

We did some testing out of some props and how shots might look today at my brother's yard... is an absolute bomb-site - but so grateful to even have a space to be able to set everything up. Even if it is dusty af and small.

It was great to be able to set both sets up next to eachother. I'd only really thought about everything in my head... so seeing them next to eachother helped a LOT in terms of envisioning the interactive film.

Jasmine really likes the blue boxes for the pink, but i'm not so sure. I feel like with the blue boxes, the green and pink don't work as well together... feel like the two clash a bit.

I do want the two worlds to be obviously different but i also want them to work together aesthetically, in terms of colour especially.

These boxes are giving me nightmares i've painted so many of them....

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