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Thinking Out Loud From Bed

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

My definition of the self-care-cult… I say cult because I think that’s how it feels, but it isn’t literally a cult.. it’s more a narrative we’re told.. ‘change your thoughts, change your life’ sort of thing. With that also comes the consumerist nonsense of the self-care cult, (vaginal eggs which have ‘health benefits’ and will take women into a ‘state of wellbeing’…)

Basically I think ‘self-care’ is a notion (now industry) which has derived from people with good, genuine intentions, but inevitably like most things in this world has been sucked up by capitalism and turned into a (what I think is harmful) cult, claiming to build us up to ‘be the best we can be’, when in reality it’s a consumerist bomb-site. I feel as though the notion of self-care has been misshapen and we are made to believe the issues of the world lie within us, ‘society’ isn’t to blame.. we are, sort of thing… which is in turn harmful to US

I’m totally not against ‘self- care’ just against the over-saturated, complicated, consumerist bomb-site it has been made into

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