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Updated: Jun 16, 2020


Today i had a really helpful tutorial with Lynsey, we set the goal of figuring out the pros and cons of making my film interactive. She was wondering whether i think i could convey the same ideas and have the same affect i want to on the viewers, without the interactivity. So i'm going to have a good look at various platforms, work out possible costs and also time.

We spoke about setting weekly goals. This weeks goal is to do my research on the interactive platforms which would enable me to make the film interactive. I need to finalise whether i'm going to go for the interactive element as this obviously dictates my script massively. I can't start the script or spider diagrams of the steps of interactivity, if i haven't decided.

So goal for next wednesday (17th of June) is to have that figured out!


After my chat with Dimitrios, he sent me a few links to various interactive video platforms I could potentially use to add interactivity to a linear film.

Adobe Captivate




Articulate 360

Adobe captivate

This shows the feature where you are able to click on a button on the screen

The tutorial shows that you can link the pop up to a video.. this is sort of what I want. However rather than it being a pop up I would want the button to seamlessly take the viewer to another fullsize segment of the film. Rather than an overlayed pop-up. Need to see if this is possible.

this shows how in Captivate you can use an image as a button. This could be helpful as I’d like to design my own overlay buttons for the sims-style control panel.

Pricing for students- £364.80

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