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world one will be where the girl will use various different products, consume various different things, as part of her journey to self-optimization. I hope to shoot this world of the film in my friend's studio where i will be able to build a set. It will be pink, frantic, full of makeup, wellness products and will be entirely overwhelming and quite unsettling


World 2 will be a total stark contrast to world 1. The combination of these two contrasting worlds will convey the way in which ‘natural’ (in quotes) wellness practices cross over with beauty, consumerism and pseudoscience. Today I literally just got 2 ADS on Instagram in a row, one for ‘earthy natural herbs’ which I could sprinkle in my tea and then a terrifying add for an L.E.D facemask.. Both in the name of well-being.

I don't want these words to be signifying necessarily the 'good' and the 'bad', but rather to signify the way in which many of us in many ways have these two worlds.. our everyday world and then the escapes we may go on to get away, whether that's through meditation, going for a walk alone, going on a holiday where we have no phones, no things, going on a retreat, in escape from our often chaotic lives.

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