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VR FILM - Natasha Caruana

Updated: May 23, 2020


The Khora Contemporary workshop was  extremely informative and a way for me to view VR artwork, however the fact these artists had huge financial backings, which inevitably is a huge part of a project and its success, was something I was thinking about in terms of how I will go about the creation of my piece.The most valuable aspect of this workshop, was speaking to photographer Natasha Caruana. Natasha’s most recent work was a Virtual reality piece (Figure 3), where she invited viewers to step into the private world of her extremely ill mother Penny. Her interactive work, puts the viewer in complete control of their experience through the VR headsets, however they are also forced into a confined world they aren’t able to leave.

Natasha made this room into an NHS waiting room installation, where the viewers would watch the VR piece, with a headset, having walked into this room to take a seat.

Having seen Natasha’s work (which had £5000 funding), I decided that I would execute my virtual reality piece through the use of a 360 degree film camera. My piece will incorporate film, installation and performance art. The piece will enabled the viewer to walk around an installation/piece of performance art (inspired by Figure 4), however although the viewer will be able to look at all aspects of the piece, from all angles, unlike usual Virtual reality, they will not be able to look away.

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